What does it mean to treat staff well?

We pride ourselves for “treating our staff well”.

But what does this mean?

I’ve realised in this past years, that merely paying them a little bit extra is just not enough. Although it helps of course.

Money does make a difference but it is beyond that.
Even if you get paid more, if the work you are doing is mentally eating you up then what’s the point?

We really look at how our staff work and do our best to provide the best work environment for our staff.

First of all, a sufficiently stocked cupboard is SO important.

We visit our offices at least once a month to restock the cupboard and to meet our staff.

Actually going when our staff is in working is quite important as well.

We are all humans and we all love a chat. (well I do)

Recently I was talking about phones with our staff, and she told me last week that she ordered a new phone and she was so excited.

Chat about work is ok but it is also good to chat about other things other than work you know.

Some people might see this as “waste of time” however I really don’t.

If we chat for too long(it happens sometimes😂), I tell them that I will add extra time to their timesheet so that they are not short of time.

(*We charge our clients set amount of time so any extras we do is paid by ourselves and not by the clients)

Personal connections with our staff is way too important and having a chat like this really helps make things run smoothly and makes me and my staff both happy, so we are willing to pay for this too.

We also hold a formal zoom chat with the management team once a week for an hour just to chat about how things are going and updates about the offices etc which has been great too!

So, keep chatting 😀

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