I was driving in Edinburgh yesterday and a girl aged probably around 7-8 years old pointed at my van and said “woooow!”.

This made my day and made me realise that I do love this van and the colours.

I have designed the van myself(making my design degree useful here), and today I just wanted to explain a little behind the branding and choice of colours.

💙Sky Blue – professional, commercial, offices, clean

💕Pink – personal touch, domestic, and our previous logo had a pink outline of a house

We started out as a domestic cleaning company, also working with letting agents.

We were mainly cleaning houses and our customers were mostly individuals.

This pink blends into the sky blue, this is where we are now.

We have moved onto mainly serving commercial clients, cleaning offices and commercial premises.

But we do not forget where we started, when we were cleaning houses, working for letting agents, working for a rich guy who had lots of houses 😂 and making sure the jobs were done to a high standard.

We absolutely love cleaning beautiful offices, bars and restaurants around Edinburgh.

Cleaning is rewarding and fun, that is why I made our branding fun and colourful.

Our staff can choose the colour of their uniforms as well which are navy, pink or sky blue.

My staff loves our colourful uniforms (although navy is still the popular choice..!) and I love seeing them in the bright coloured uniforms.

Whilst most of the cleaning companies’ brandings are blue, navy, green or pink only, I have chosen to use mixture of colour and ombre to make it more modern, and fun.

At least the girl on the street really liked it and that itself is worth it.

Also people wave at me sometimes if they know me which is great too🌞

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