I hear too often from people that worked for other cleaning company saying that they didn’t get paid for the hours they have worked. And their manager was unresponsive.

Why is this?

This is because they either don’t record the hours correctly, for example using manual system hence the hours are getting missed, or the employee didn’t record the hours correctly on whatever platform they are using.

Or, the staff got extra hours but they haven’t updated their system, so this person didn’t get paid. And there’s actually no evidence or proof that shows that this person actually worked extra hours if they are not recording this or recording it manually.

Or the employer is being a greedy bas**rd and purposefully deducing hours from their staff without a good explanation. Hopefully this is not the case for most😂 but I am sure it happens!

I remember someone told me that their previous employer deducted everything from their pay, cost of uniforms, cleaning products, the amount of gloves they used and cloths etc. It was crazy.

We use a platform called Deputy, my staff can use their mobile app to clock in & out using their own device or a kiosk.

Using this has been a game changer for us, prior to Deputy I was using excel spreadsheet to produce weekly shifts and times etc and do scheduling. It was a nightmare!

I had no idea if people were there or not so I had to trust that they were there😂

However, this worked because at that time I had like 4 people in total working with us.

Now we have close to 30 staff and it would be impossible to schedule everyone in this way.

Using Deputy also means that their hours worked and hence the payment is transparent.

Once I received a message from one of my new staff saying that they “didn’t get paid enough”.

However, everything was on Deputy and we both were able to see that this person got paid exactly for the hours worked.

Of course, sometimes people forget to clock in & out, if someone is late to clock it, our management team would quickly get in touch with them if they are ok, and if the internet is not working or something like that, we can check it and record their hours for them.

Again, it all comes down to communication as well, we want to be totally transparent to their employees and of course avoid any problems. It is stressful for both of us!

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