This was me at 17.
I used to play basketball in school. I was captain in junior high school and a vice captain in high school.
I was not technically skilled in any way, I started to play when I was 13. So I made sure that I exceeded in other places.
I made sure that I was the one who can be in the court for 40 minutes without running out of stamina. I made sure that I was the fastest runner in the whole team, both short distance and long distance. I was a winner of the girls’ long-distance race in my school.
I used to run holding 500ml PET bottles filled with sand in each hand, and wear a mask over my mouth so that it is harder to breathe.
So when I ran normally I felt like I was flying.
In the court, I made sure to be the one to catch the rebound, I made sure to be the one that never gave up in the court, I made sure I never let go of that ball if it was in my hand.

It links with being a team player but being accountable means that we are doing our best to perform at our highest.
Therefore we are responsible for our work and proud of our work!

Agains the national cleaning companies, we can’t compete with the size, we can’t compete with financial resources.
But we can compete with the quality of our service and with our amazing team.
If you are not happy with the services you are getting now and it is not getting fixed for months now, why tolerate it?
It is good to build a relationship with your contractor of course, but if they simply do not care then is it really worth your time?

When we make a mistake we say sorry, fix it, and put in measures in so that it does not happen again.
We give clients guarantee of 24h response times if anything goes wrong with cleaning.
And we will make sure to fix it by the time we are in cleaning next.
We do not deny or get defensive when we get complaints (or comments), but we take on board any comments and make it better.
It is not a good sign when you discuss with your staff to make improvements to the work and they tell you “If you are not happy with my work then I will leave”😂 I had a lot of situations like this in the past! It is super important that you can take constructive criticisms on board and to make improvements. It is never personal!

If anything goes wrong, my staff are able to tell their managers because they know that they will not be penalised for it. As long as they are genuine of course! If my staff makes mistakes, our managers and myself take responsibility and we will help them fix it. Or own their mistakes and to fix it and make it better.
They know that me and the managers are not going to go mad, they can rely on their managers and myself.
This is the culture that we create at PCS.

I have had to say sorry in number of occasions in the past.
Even if it is not my mistake but as long as it is my staff’s mistake I will apologies for it.
And my staff knows that I will be there to support them when things happen.
This is the kind of leader that I want our managers to become so I show them by doing.

Sarah, Managing Director

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