I feel like accountability is lacking in our society now. People are running away from problems and difficult situations.

That is why one of our Core values are to “Be Accountable”.

Some people do think that time that burying problem is much better than facing it.

For example, if someone needs help, I would rather know it in advance than not knowing it, or finding out in the last moment when it is too late, and panic!

We were hiring for a new site in Musselburgh and I got SO MANY job applications.

I booked 6 interviews, 3 turned up, I was ready to hire one, then this person told me the night before that they weren’t coming. So I had to get another person quickly.

This person came and did an induction, but they told me the next day that they were not going to turn up on the time when they were supposed to start shift, so I had to call another person last minute.

This person came thankfully and she currently works with us, and she is great!

If people have told me in advance that they were not going to come then this lady would have started way earlier and I wouldn’t waste so much time running like a crazy person😂

But again this is the nature of hiring people isn’t it!

However, I do get to meet amazing people through the company as well, so I am not complaining.

Going back to being accountable, I just feel like too many people just postpone having difficult conversations or situations altogether, and get into even deeper problems.

I always try to lead by example and show that I am an accountable person myself. I think there are no bad teams, only bad leaders!!

I have seen so many teams and companies who had some toxic leaders and the team members/employees do echo what the leader does and become toxic themselves.

At one company I was told to “treat the office people like GODS”. I knew who was the CEO so I kind of understand where it came from😂

So even if there are crazy times that I feel like everything is going wrong and nothing is working right, I try to always see the solutions and find light at the end of the tunnel and pull the team through it.

I am not always this positive but I always try to do my best! For my amazing team 🙂

Honestly I am feeling ever so grateful to our staff for doing such an amazing job every single day.

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