💪🏻I always feel a great responsibility when a young person starts working with us, and especially if it is their first job.

❤️I always want to provide them with a good experience working with us. You always remember that first job you had!!

When a young person starts working with us especially, I try to work with them at least couple of times to sort of be like a role model.

😉Showing that I do work hard as well and I do care about how the office looks like as well.
This inspires and motivates people. I would be motivated if our managers were a hard working bad-ass, and this is how I always did when I worked with colleagues, even when I worked in McDonalds🍟 and in BrewDog🍺. I made sure I was the most hard-working person on the shift.

It is important for the managers and people on the top to stay active, healthy and to be a person that they can look up to. Nobody wants or looks up to a lazy manager who sits on their phone and keep eating rubbish. I think we need strong leaders more than ever.

📣Words are great but showing how it is done is often more effective, especially to young people! I always say this to our managers too, they are the most hard working person on the shift and the person who cares the most about the premises. And their colleagues do look up to our managers.

🤝Speaking with colleagues and getting to know them, as well as working with them closely is so important in our company. This is how we grow a strong team!

And this doesn’t mean that lazy and bad behaviours are tolerated. Cleaning is not for everyone😉 But cleaning can be a tool to empower young workforce💪🏻

We always had this rule that all the person starting gets the same salary, no matter their age.
And of course, we pay them a Living Wage as well which makes it even more motivating to work with us😉