🌸I saw a post from Lawrence at Electrify today he was speaking about hiring a good person.

🧼How we do interview in PCS is that we have an informal chat beforehand and then I will bring them onsite to do a “trial shift”.

⏰Usually the trials are not long, around 30min.

👭This is to see if they are a team player, and generally just to see if they are a good person.

💷If they are successful and if we hire them, we will add this time onto their first pay as well.

😉We as well don’t really care if the person has been cleaning for 30years or for an year, or even if they have no experience at all.

🐣We have a lot of people who PCS was their first job, or a first cleaning job, and they are doing absolutely fantastic!

☘️As long as they have the willingness to learn, are a nice person and a good communicator, they will do well.

💪🏻Also involving my staff and managers into hiring process is super important.

🤝After the trial shift with the candidate and letting them meet this person, I will ask my afterwards how they felt about this person.

🧐It is never only my decision, and I want my staff to feel it as well that they are involved in decision making.

😜And it is great because I am not great at sussing people out.

🦄This method of hiring works the best for us at the moment, and we hired a lot of great people recently!

🚐Also looking for more people to join our team as well.

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