Is the job worth your time?

Recently I was told by someone who applied for the job that the job we offered was “not worth their time”. Although this person literally lived 10min away from the work and their day job was just 5minutes away.
This person also said that they were in financial difficulty that they had to apply for universal credit.

I am sure I said this before but this happens A LOT in our industry.

People who are completely capable of working, choose not to work and instead opt for handouts. This is just mind-blowing for me.

I would WANT to be a productive member of the society, instead of receiving handouts.
I am not talking about people who really need these handouts as they genuinely cannot work. But a lot of them and I mean A LOT, they are completely capable of working. And I have seen so many of them first hand.
I had people who came for an interview and a trial shift, they were happy and all good to go. They brought necessary documents etc and it was all good.
The day that they were going to start, they didn’t turn up and just sent me a message to say “sorry the job is not for me”😂
And then I get a message from them 3 months after if we “had any jobs available for them?” and I am like, really?😧

Everyone is looking for people to work at the moment, café’s, hotels, restaurants, offices, warehouses etc so they really cannot complain that there’s not enough jobs going around.

People who are capable of working, should work, and should be proud of their work.

I recently found a quote that really inspired me and made me think of my company and our staff.

“Never be ashamed of the work that puts food on your table. A small salary is better than waiting for someone to give you money.”

Too many people think that cleaning is the job at the bottom, it is looked down on. But it really isn’t at all. I have learned so much through cleaning both about cleaning itself and about people.
And most of the people who look down on can’t even clean themselves! So I really do not know why it is looked down on.

Cleaning is a necessary life skills that we should all have.

I am proud of all of our staff for doing such a fantastic job every single day. They provide for their family, they contribute to the society, to the economy, and through work they are being a better human being.

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