I had a great catch up with our client at their office last week!

It is always fantastic to catch up face to face as well, and meet them at their beautiful office.
It is completely different to just emailing and messaging.

It is somewhat weird because I am so familiar with the space but not so familiar to see the office full of people.😂

As we always go in when the office is quiet or empty.

Emails are great but that face to face meetings are just so much better.

This particular client had couple points that needed attention, just some things that they noticed.

Also they have added that although they have raised the points, overall they are delighted with the service.

This feedback is super important for us. When things like this are left uncommunicated, and it builds up, then this is a problem.

It is always good to express things that you have in mind in order to move forward.

If you are really unhappy with the way someone puts the paper towels inside the dispenser, then you should communicate that to your cleaning company.

If the clients are unhappy with the way we put the toilet rolls in, the way we put the bin bags in, the way we leave the chairs in the desk, if the clients prefer the white paper rather than the green paper etc…just small things like this makes a huge difference.

Unless I know, I cannot act on it. So I always encourage my clients to let me know and regularly get in touch with them to ask if everything is ok.

Ultimately we are there to help our clients.

We have our own ways of doing things of course, but this is only as a benchmark.

Some offices are happy with this of course, and that’s great, they trusts us and leaves everything cleaning related to us, and some clients needs just a little bit tailored services.

And that’s how it is!

Listening to our clients and reflecting that into our business is important. As well as listening to our staff.

I believe communication goes both ways, in this case 3 ways🔺

Thank you so much for the meeting!

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