Here we go again!

Someone said that they wanted to leave their second job because they are paying “too much tax”.

I explained that the “double tax myth” is simply not true and had a discussion.

It turns out that there was a mistake in payslip with their employer and things were sorted. However, this was not my first time someone said this to me so I am not surprised.

Somehow people think that if you have second job you are paying DOUBLE the tax. (I don’t even know what this really means anyway)

I just don’t know why people got to this conclusion. At this point I really think some sort of clarification is needed by the official body😂

Often I get the impression that people think that government and employers are there to “take money” from them.

Another person proudly told me that she was working for some accountancy firm in town as a “self-employed” basis.

She then went onto say that this firm recommended her because in this case she can claim her travel, petrol, her laptop and her house bills as business expenses.

Yet another person told my friend that he was working “cash in hand” as a cleaner in a local premises and proud that he was getting paid £10/h, which is by the way not even a minimum wage.

I understand the times are hard. But I really struggle why people think “avoiding paying taxes” are something that they should be proud of.

Of course, big companies dodge taxes and this is what you see on the media.

And I do feel sometimes cheated as we as a company pay a lot of taxes. And myself too!

But I don’t think short term solutions like “cash in hand” or a dodgy self-employment scheme is the way forward.

We do our best by first of all becoming a @LivingWage employer so that everyone can have a bit more extra than minimum wage.

And this has helped reduce the staff turnover significantly, people stay with us for longer.

Being able to pay taxes and NI’s are I think good things, and I am proud to pay them!

NHS has its ups and downs but if not for the NHS people around me would not have been able to get their treatment that they needed, without thinking about how much it was going to cost.

I was really shocked when I first time left after a hospital visit and didn’t have to go through a till at the end😂

Whereas in Japan we had to go through a “check-out” after a hospital visit to pay your bills.

Again, dodging taxes are not something that you should be proud of!

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